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Terms & Conditions


GTboards.com offers its customers high quality products, bodyboarding are really serious for us, we are always seeking for the best suppliers in several categories. To maintain the credibility that GT itself gained in the water, he is also looking forward to always achieve customer satisfaction, and that's why we created a Policy of Exchange and Cancellation.

Learn to follow the rules of this policy and in what situations you can use it : 

PROCESSING - GTboards.com reserves the right of processing all orders in a period of time needed to make sure all the buye info is right. Also we need to perform a quality control of all products sold in our store or from any of our exclusive brands.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS - GTboards.com reserves the right to process all order in 72 hours for conference of costumer info, quality control of orders and products that are classified as international.

GTboards.com reserves the right to process all the order in 24 Hours for conference of costumer info, quality control of orders and products that are classified as international.

CANCELLATION - To cancel an order that you have placed at GTboards.com you must contact us by email posted in our store. Every effort will be made ​​to accommodate the cancellation of your order. When contacting customer support to cancel an order by email, please send us your full name, order number and your contact information. Note that if your item has shipped, the order can not be canceled, In this case, you can request to return of your orders or an item if it was not removed from the original packaging or used, than we can proceed with your refund (less shipping costs ).

OUT OF STOCK PRODUCTS - Our inventory may vary throughout the day, for an item listed as " in stock " when you make your order may indeed be out of stock. In this case, we make every effort to contact you immediately by email or phone to notify you that your order will be placed as pending. Our call center will also provide you with information on how to cancel your order or if you prefer not to wait for the item to be back in-stock. Most items are in stock again within four (4) weeks.

EXCHANGES AND RETURNS FOR GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS - All occurrences involving exchange or refund must be reported to our store via the Customer Service Center afixida in our stores . Product returned without this communication, after the deadline or absence of items / accessories that accompany it , is sent to the customer by the company.

  • The products do not suffer any change in our Distribution Center
  • They are sent to the client exactly as was given to us by the manufacturer
  • If you experience any of the events below, refuse receipt of the product:
  1. Opened or damaged packaging
  2. Defective product
  3. Product not in accordance with the request
  4. Lack of accessories.

    If however , you receive the product , please contact our Customer Service Center within 48 hours. 

The product must be sent in original packaging, no signs of use, without violating the original manufacturer's seal, accompanied by invoice, manual and all accessories. 

Exchange of any product due to purchase of size, wrong color or model the customer will be responsible for any and all shipping cost for the exchange.

RETURN IN REPENTANCE / WAIVER - To return a product for repentance, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The deadline to withdraw from the purchase of the product is 2 calendar days from the date of receipt.
  2. The product must be sent in original packaging
  3. Nno signs of use
  4. Without violating the original manufacturer's seal
  5. Accompanied by invoice
  6. Manual and all accessories

 All requests for withdrawal of products from categories Apparel and DVDs , it is essential to label / seal of the product.


DEFECTIVE PRODUCT - A request for return must be reported to our Customer Service Center within 5 calendar days from the date of receipt. If the product purchased in our store fails after five days from the date of receipt but within manufacturer's warranty, you should contact the manufacturer to report it and get clarification, repair or even replacement of product purchased. If you can not contact the manufacturer, notify our Customer Service Center posted in our stores. If the product fails after five days of receipt and is in warranty, contact him.

Products must be returned, preferably in the original packaging. It is essential that the original manufacturer's seal is intact and the goods have receipt, manual and all accessories. EXCEPT FOR BOARDS THAT REQUIRE THE USE IN WATER . All exchange products has to be analized by our team. They will be returned to the client when it is not found to be defective, or has been breached one of the conditions described in the previous section. The security is the responsibility of the manufacturer and its date and manner of use are set out in the Warranty that accompanies the product.

PROMOTIONS - Our major deals are exposed on banners and pop - ups. You can also find great deals distributed in each department of the store, for example, discounts, free shipping, exclusive freebie for every purchase and more. Please carefully read the rules of each promotion before making the closing of the purchase. In case of doubt, please contact one of our customer service channels.